Estate Sales & Auctions - Let the Professionals Help

It's always fun to find deals on things that are gently used, and one of a kind vintage items that nobody else will have. Estate sales and auctions make for a great weekend event to take your family hunting for treasures and deals you won't find anywhere else.
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What is an Estate Sale?
Estate sales are typically held when a business or large family estate is downsizing, or when a relative has passed, and the family sorts through and sells the possessions of that relative. This kind of sale includes quality items. Estate sales are also thoroughly organized, and a lot more time and effort is put into researching items and pricing them accordingly. Many estate sales advertize their items ahead of time, sometimes making pictures available to the public so the public can get a good feel for what they will find at the sale.

Should I Hire a Professional Liquidator?
Estate Sales are usually hectic for the seller. Running an estate sale can be very stressful and time consuming, and when hiring a professional estate sale liquidator or auctioneer, they will handle everything from beginning to end. Professional estate sale managers will usually charge between 20% and 35% of the proceeds of the sale.
With that fee, you can expect the pros to organize all items, price them, research valuables as needed, and run the estate sale or auction from beginning to end. Estate sale agents and auctioneers will also promote the sale, entering an ad in the paper, and even posting pictures and information on the sale online in some cases. They will also handle all transactions during the sale. When hiring a pro, there won't be much work at all needed from the owner. In the end, you will have a hand full of cash and will hardly have had to work for it.

For those that aren't interested in hiring a professional, keep these ideas in mind: running your own estate sale with no previous experience can be tricky, and without the proper knowledge, you can easily lose out on money from selling items for too little of a cost when they are worth much more. That is where hiring a professional estate sale liquidator or auctioneer can be important. It would be unfortunate to pass on a family heirloom or vintage items for a price too small. So, before you take on the responsibility of running a sale, contact an estate sale agent to at least find out what they charge and what they can share with you. We have many Estate Sale Companies, Auctioneers & Appraisers in the area, so contact one or more of them with any questions you have, or to set a date for your estate sale!
If you're on the fence about whether you should hire help or give it a go yourself, read this story to find out what responsibility comes with staging your own estate sale.

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