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Photo Courtesy Gustafson's Greenhouse
How many daydreams have you had this winter about digging into the warm earth and just walking around your garden, smelling flowers and enjoying the sun? Soon, although not soon enough, those dreams shall come true. We have many Greenhouses, Garden centers, and Nurseries in the West Michigan area that can help you prepare your garden for the upcoming spring and summer. Here you will find information on what these greenhouses specialize in, what services they offer, what their estimated opening date will be, and any other basic information on them. Also see: Trees & Shrubs

With two locations in Ludington and Freesoil, Orchard Market is your quality one-stop shop for all things gardening. Opening the second of May, Orchard Market is family owned and operated, and has been in business for over 50 years. In both locations, you will find a large variety of potted herbs, vegetables, perennials, annuals, and hanging baskets of all kinds in their greenhouses. If you are looking for ornamental trees, fruit trees, or shrubs, Orchard Market has them as well. For gardening supplies, they have everything from gardening tools, to fertilizers, to pest management products. They also have a retail store in Ludington and Freesoil where you can find fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, homemade bakery items, granola, and their yummy homemade fudge! Starting this year, Orchard Market in Freesoil is expanding their bakery and will include an enhanced fudge counter featuring over 20 varieties of Homemade Buttercream Fudge. The Freesoil location will also include a Deli area featuring fresh meats, homemade soups, salads, sandwiches, as well as hot and cold drinks.
Photo Courtesy Orchard Market

The Market, located at the corner of Stiles and US-10 is Ludington's one-stop shop for fresh produce, landscaping products, farmhouse decor, and more. Depending on the season, the Market carries all your favorites, from asparagus and strawberries to corn and blueberries. Working with neighboring farmers guarantees you're buying delicious, safe produce at a fair price. Don't forget your feathered friends...the Market carries a variety of feed and seed customized to our local birds. Pick out a special bird feeder that keeps feed for the birds and not the squirrels! Whatever your landscaping needs, the Market can help you out. Our professionals can assist with design services that fit your yard and your budget. They carry mulch in a variety of colors, as well as pea stone, river rock and driveway fill. If you envision a beautiful garden, let the Market start you out with plants and trees that will make your home the envy of the neighborhood. Gift-buying ideas include local staples like honey, jam, baked goods, and spice mixes. Check out the unique farmhouse decor, like decorative planters, antique furniture, painted signage, and accessories.

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