Tips for a Lush, Green Lawn

We all would secretly like to have the best looking lawn in the neighborhood. What seems like a daunting task is not really all that difficult. It just takes some time and good old-fashioned know-how.

Planting seed in the fall almost guarantees you'll see grass growing in the spring, provided the season brings some good rain. Herbicides applied in the spring can keep ugly crabgrass from spreading and giving your lawn a ragged look. Dandelions are also a nuisance, and they spread throughout your lawn very quickly. Whether you have your grass professionally treated, or you attempt to do it yourself--you can have the lawn you've always dreamed of.

Some tips on watering:

1) Only water for about 30 minutes per day.
2) Water just four days a week.
3) Never water at night.
4) Water shady areas more than sunny ones.
5) Keep your grass at least three inches thick.

If you've got some patience, a little bit time, and some money, the rewards will be well worth the effort.

If you are finding that lawn care is a bigger job than you have the time or energy to tackle alone, check out our directory of Lawn Care Service Professionals to help you achieve a beautiful, healthy lawn.

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