Celebrate the Goodness of West Michigan Fruits & Vegetables!

Living in West Michigan offers its residents gorgeous lake views, miles of forest, and the finest crops of fruits and vegetables you'll find anywhere.

When spring arrives and the tulips and daffodils poke their colorful heads up through the soil, farmers in this region are busy cultivating their land for the summer season. One of the first vegetables to appear in farm markets is asparagus, and not only is it tasty, it has numerous health benefits. It's a natural diuretic and helps detoxify your body. Asparagus is rich in Vitamin K and folate, is heart-healthy, and contains antioxidants to help fight disease. Oceana County is the largest producer of asparagus in Michigan, and ranks just 3rd after California and Washington in production.

Mid to late summer, fresh sweet corn on the cob makes its way onto picnic tables everywhere. It's inexpensive, tasty, easy to prepare, and just about everyone likes it (except for those with braces!) Cover those plump yellow kernels with butter and salt, and you've got a meal within itself. It's simply the best. Summer also yields favorites like beans, radishes, lettuce, tomatoes, and mushrooms.

Nature's sweetness comes to life in the form of Michigan fruits. Many varieties of apples are grown here, and if the saying holds true, you really should have your "apple a day." Blueberries, known for their high antioxidant value, are in plentiful supply, as are strawberries (the prettiest fruit!) and cherries.

It's time to get back to basics and enjoy the freshness and goodness of West Michigan fruits and vegetables.

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